Women Networking for Peace

Women’s Human Rights Centre

Rationale to set up Women’s Human Rights Resource Center:

  • To set up a resource and advocacy center to fill in the gaps, intervene, address and advocate around the issues of Women’s Rights Violations;
  • To strengthen the understanding of CEDAW and other UN Conventions


Objective of Women Human Rights Center

  • Develop monitoring indicators according to CEDAW principles, capacity building;
  • To create a greater accountability mechanism at the national and international levels;
  • Forge linkages, build network with like- minded organization and individuals
  • To engage actively with Government of India to effect legal and policy change for equality of status of women;
  • To build a stronger advocacy strategy to pressurize GOI to sign and ratify the Optional Protocol of CEDAW to ensure individual mechanism;
  • To build a larger and stronger constituency of women


WHRC’s programmes/activities

  • Set up NAWO’s office, held discussion about the further course of action;
  • Organized Training of Trainers on CEDAW on 9-13 the November 2005
  • Launched WHRC on 10th December 2005
  • NAWO’s websites has been launched: www.nawoindia.org
  • Organized national consultation on CEDAW to finalize the Alternative Report-2006 on 6th & 7th July;
  • Developed resources about CEDAW and Optional Protocol
  • Organized Awareness Program on CEDAW and other treaties in Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh
  • NAWO’s member participated in the SAARC on the 17th to 22nd July 2008 & IASSW- 2008 in Durban
  • Advisory Committee Meeting in Kuaalampur
  • 14 member team participated in 37th session of CEDAW at the UN HQ New York
  • NAWO collaborated with programmes on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (PWESCR) to formulate the NGO Report to Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR)
  • NAWO participated in the Universal Periodic Review of India with the support of IWRAW-Malaysia in Feb 2008
  • Produced Alternate Report (2nd & 3rd)and  with the support of Christian Aid, UNIFEM, IIE and IWRAW



  • Prepared NGO Alternate Report with the support of one thousand groups and network;
  • Organized national consultation on the concluding comments and shared it with the mixed groups of 400 participants from all over country;
  • Presented II and III Alternate Report before the CEDAW committee between 11th to 21st   Jan 2007 in New York;
  • Submitted a paper on “Discrimination Against Dalit Women on Decent Work Agenda of ILO in the CERD meeting at Geneva
  • More than one thousand women involved in engendering the 11th Five Year Plan especially from marginalized women concern;



  • Government apathy towards Women ;
  • Lack of awareness about the regional and international safeguards;
  • Lack of resources, transparency and accountability;
  • Socio-political and cultural barriers

Recommendation of WHRC:

  • Creating a Rights framework to monitor Women’s development;
  • Creating greater accountability mechanism at the national and international level;
  • Build institutional memory about the Women’s human rights violations;
  • Develop multilingual human resource for training/capacity building
  • Provide valuable and timely input to the UN Special Rapporteurs;
  • Active engagement with GOI and multiple stake holders;
  • Hold thematic campaign for the removal of reservations on CEDAW;
  • Act as stronger advocacy/pressure group against GOI to sign the OP of CEDAW