Women Networking for Peace


NAWO Decadal Perspective Plan

Speaking out for the Marginalized and Vulnerable
NAWO enjoys a unique position in that it is the single largest national alliance that has centre staged critical issues of marginalised communities through a collective process and in particular, those of the Dalits, Adivasis and Religious minorities. NAWO’s contribution is best seen in its reporting on and to CEDAW and its participation in the UPR reporting process – underpinning the denials and deprivations of women from marginalised communities.

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Engendering The XI Five Year Plan 2007-12

Removing Obstacles, Creating Opportunities
The reality check of the growth of a nation lies not only in economic growth but in the status of its women. Gender equality, a basic human right, is a constituent and instrument of development. A country cannot be called ‘developed’ if half of its population is deprived of its basic needs, livelihood options, access to knowledge and...

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