Women Networking for Peace

About NAWO

that not only inspired our formation but has also guided
our work in the past seven years of our alliance.

NAWO Vision

“…we are a coalition of women’s groups across the country, which seeks to provide a presence to hitherto invisible and marginalised women.

The process leading to Beijing brought together sections of women with a rich experience in working at the grassroots. It helped to connect women across the length and breadth of the country,opened up a range of possibility and unleashed a power that was very valuable. Rooted in the people, NAWO seeks to provide a voice to the political aspirations of women, which will emerge as a powerful political force.

Situated at a historical juncture where people’s organisations are articulating their visions of society, NAWO hopes to provide a forum through which a richer and more inclusive vision of society can be forged which will address the concerns of various marginalised sections- dalits, tribals, minorities, the poor and otherwise disadvantaged sections without losing sight of the specificity of each sector.

NAWO will provide a national focus to issues and concerns, which are critical in regional and local situations. It will strive to raise awareness on gender-violence and support regional and local women’s groups in their search and struggle for gender justice.

NAWO believes that to address the issue of gender violence one must also address its connection with all other forms of violence like caste, class, ethnic, communal and racial violence. As a group that received its mandate from the Conference of Commitment, NAWO confirms its commitment to pursue the demands of the Eight point agenda.

NAWO reiterates its faith in the feminist values of non-hierarchical, people-centered sustainable eco-friendly society. NAWO will strive to mainstream the concerns of disadvantaged and marginalised sections cutting across their specific needs to provide a powerful political voice that will speak for the concerns of all people without losing sight of the specificity and particularity of each region.

NAWO is a voice of the people and a forum where women can articulate their most urgent concerns and demand for justice. NAWO will work in solidarity with people’s movements, mass organisations, trade unions, and independent initiatives, which strive for common ideals.

NAWO envisions a gender-just, democratic and humane society where women and men can in partnership fulfil their responsibility to building a peaceful future”.